Since 2003, The Grande Ballroom.com’s mission has been to create a repository of information related to the Ballroom from its opening in 1928 through its heyday in the 60’s and 70’s. A virtual ballroom.

Author and Webmaster


Author, historian, musician and preservationist Leo Early began the The Grande Ballroom.com as a means to share what little information that was available about the Grande with the world wide web. The result was an unexpected groundswell of interest and information on the topic that in turn fed the content on the site. Mr. Early has had the good fortune to meet and correspond with many of those who experienced the Ballroom first hand. In so doing, he has inadvertently become a subject matter expert on this nexus of Detroit music. His book The Grande Ballroom Detroit’s Rock n Roll Palace  was released in October 2016.

A Brief History of the Grande Ballroom