Carl Lundgren

Carl Lundgren







In 1967 Carl Lundgren  sought out Grande Artist Gary Grimshaw at the Trans-love commune and headquarters on the corner of Warren and the Lodge Freeway in Detroit. In the hope that he might be able to get some graphic work, Carl brought along samples of his art to show Gary.  Grimshaw liked what he saw and offered Carl the opportunity to do his first Grande piece, a post card for a Trans-love Energies benefit show.

TransLove Benefit Postcard

TransLove Benefit Postcard – 10-29-67

On the strength of this first postcard Carl was next allowed to create his first color poster for the Grande. “Vanessa” so named as it utilized an image of actress Vanessa Redgrave, remains one of Carl’s most popular and collectible works.

Vanessa Poster

Vanessa Poster – Carl Lundgren – Nov 10/11-1967

Mr. Lundgren proceed to create a large body of poster and handbill pieces for local rock promoters Russ Gibb and Mike Quatro.  His work has become highly collectible and is highly regarded amongst collector of the period.

Carl and his wife Michele today live in downtown Detroit and are regulars on the Art and Festival circuit where Carl’s rock-era creations are more popular than ever.



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