Charles N. Agree Bus Tour

A wonderful time was had on our sold out Charles Agree bus tour Saturday the 20th.
Mr. Agree was, of course, the celebrated architect that created the Grande Ballroom. I had the distinct honor of presenting at the Grande stop to Mr. Agree’s daughter, grand children and great grandchildren. It turned out half of the bus was filled with Mr. Agree’s wonderful family! We finished up with lunch at Cliff Bell’s. Cliff’s incredible mahogany accented interior is also one of “Charlie’s” designs.

Be it known that the superior sound of the Grande Ballroom was the result of this great man’s skills and attention to detail. Its splendid Spanish/Moorish decor and exterior made it a jewel set alongside Grand River and Beverly.
If you would like join Preservation Detroit for the next Charles N. Agree Bus Tour – June 16, you may purchase tickets here:

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