Elizabeth Sulflow-Willoughby – Grande Ballroom Diorama

Recently I had reached out to the brilliant artist Elizabeth Sulflow-Willoughby regarding her fantastic scale building dioramas. Elizabeth had posted on social media stunningly accurate 3-d depictions of Detroit music haunts and hot spots. She has created marvelous views of the Old Miami, El Club, St. Andrews Hall and even the Temple bar.
Since prior to our current nationwide lockdown, the Friends of the Grande were planning the next phase of fundraising for the building, I suggested to Elizabeth that a commision of a Grande Ballroom piece would be a worthy auction item. After providing her with copies of the original blueprints and some exterior photos, we saw the spectacular result in just a couple of weeks!
Elizabeth focused on the Beverly Court elevation and original entrance. Paying tribute to the Rock Era on the north end it morphs towards the recent Gabe Gault corner mural (commissioned in 2018). This creation was her largest piece yet. Thank you Elizabeth, you really DID Kick out the Jams !!!
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