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Gary Grimshaw






Upon leaving the Navy in 1966, Gary Grimshaw experienced the rumblings of the new counter culture in San Francisco.  There Gary was exposed to the mind expanding music, and artwork being created in the bay area.

After returning to Michigan that year Grimshaw found himself living in and among Detroit’s counter culture version of Haight Ashbury. Warren and Forrest was a Wayne State University campus neighborhood and the new stomping grounds of Grimshaw’s Lincoln Park High pal Rob Tyner. In October Rob’s group, the MC5, were booked to open the Grande Ballroom and promoter Russ Gibb needed a poster to promote the event. Gary responded with the now legendary Grande grand opening “Seagull” poster.

SeagullThereafter, Gary was primarily responsible for the bulk of the postcards/handbills and posters created for the Grande Ballroom. His body of work extends far beyond the Ballroom however, having subsequently created hundreds of posters for events all over the U.S. and Canada. His Grande posters are prime examples of rock art and are internationally famous and collectible.


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