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  1. says:

    Good show! Many of my own Grande, Russ Gibb and SE MI rock remembrances are at Floydian Slips.

  2. Philip Phillips says:

    Had a lot good times and memories !!! I think ? LOL Looking to find George Knighton worked there with the lighting crew. He can find me on Facebook. Or anyone with info would be welcome. Grande changed my life ! And others too.

  3. Cecil Rohrbacher says:

    Thanks so much for keeping the memories alive! The Grande was a great place for meeting and enjoying so many great musicians and their music.

  4. dale devine says:

    rocked there…later went to church there

  5. Congratulations! Finally, a site I can read without my glasses.
    If I’d have known how popular this place continues to be today,
    I would have never left it.

  6. Diana Boles says:

    Terrific! So many bands! So many memories! Even my mom danced there in the 40’s!

  7. Diana Boles says:

    Hi Leo! Glad to see things are still moving along. Awaiting the pages eagerly!

  8. Toots says:

    My car was broken into twice during the times I hung at at the Grande. The shows were fantastic, especiall Savoy Brown

    I think often of the good times I had there!

  9. David Matteson says:

    Thanks Leo…Great work….What times at the Grande…Seems like yesterday…Whaler

  10. Tom Roush says:

    I remember Dave Miller marrying Sheila Phillips on the stage @ the Grande ballroom about 1969. Anyone remember this? Are they still around? Never had heard of (but saw for the first time) Lee Michaels, CCR, Beacon St Union and many more. Saw the Who, Heard the Cream from the alley (couldn’t get in) Janis and Big Brother, many more. Thanks Tom Roush Oh Yeah how could I forget The MC5

  11. Mimi says:

    Loved the Grande! Yes,Savoy Brown, one of my favorites! But can name many more favorites starting with the MC5!

  12. maria munguia says:

    used to stand outside in the alley and panhandle to get in. occasionally, john sinclair would take shiela and i in. last visit was in 1970 while pregnant with my daughter who is now 42…yeah, it was great.

  13. Teri Coloske says:

    My now ex-husband and I were married by Pastor George Bogle in the Grande Ballroom on December 10, 1977. I am shocked to see the pictures of it now. Pastor Bogle did a beautiful job restoring it. How did it ever get in such disrepair??

  14. Teri Coloske says:

    I know you Dale Devine. Your name is so familiar. My last name used to be Lewandowski and I was in a band with my now ex-husband Tom called Exodus. Our home “church” was the Upper Room Coffeehouse in Southwest Detroit.

  15. richard ketch says:

    There will never be a place like that ever agian ! many a good time had there. its too bad a bunch of the old rockers couldnt get together and rebuild it.

  16. Rick Matney says:

    Some of the best shows at The Grande Ballroom were performed by the Dick Wagner and the Frost. Oh the good old days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My husband and I having put in 40 + years of marriage used the Grande’s weekly music menu to figure out what day we meet. We saw Blood, Sweat & Tears 03/03/1968. Now the question is was that Al Kooper, or David Clayton Thomas as lead singer? Time has a way of distorting things; but it was all great fun just the same.

    All the groups and the kids and the amazing atmosphere made it just the best meeting place in Detroit!

    Thanks Mr. Gibb for providing a really unique, great, and wonderful meeting place for just the ‘kids’…..Not too many people today neither ready, willing or able to take on such a task or responsibility for the kids in Motown, or any where USA.

    God Bless you.

  18. Paula says:

    Sheila Phillips is still around – no longer with Dave Miller-don’t know where he is these days. Sheila and I were junior high and high school friends and I was re-aquainted with her (and her husband) at an annual Hines Park picnic reunion about 10 years ago. I did not attend her Grande Ballroom wedding, but still have the newspaper article and photo somewhere and I am still in touch with her brother. I now live in Pasadena, California and went to see ‘One Night With Janis Joplin’ last night – which was incredible. They had some memorabilia around the theater and the Russ Gibb presents flyer from the Grande Ballroom was posted..those were some crazy days.

  19. Greg Lewis says:

    One night Fleetwood Mac (one of the early versions of the band) were getting ready to perform, tuning up and adjusting amp levels on stage. Some guy out in the audience must have thought a group of impostors had appeared on stage and kept howling ‘Where’s the Mac?..Where’s the Mac? ..We want the Mac’ The people in the audience began yelling back ‘That is the Mac … That is the Mac’ attempting to convince him that that was actually who was tuning up on stage. This happened back and forth for a long time until some people were booing the poor guy, telling him to be quiet….He wouldn’t stop, though. I don’t think he heard anything…I can still hear him ‘We want the Mac…Where’s the Mac’

  20. Julie Crego says:

    So sad to see what has happened to the Grande. Spent my late teens there most weekends. Thanks to Uncle Russ, John Sinclair and all the great bands near and far.

  21. james lujack says:

    I used to go to both grands,eastown as well as cineralla.One time I was too messed up and tried going to bathroom by way of going down balcony wrong way(dwn the front).I was stopped x2……….I remember the incident and wanted to thank whoever they were.My parents did not allow me to go there.I mean why would I ask.I remeber those days often………bittersweet days of my life,really.

  22. Louise Noakes says:

    Just came across all of my postcards! I was a “Grande Girl” and spent most of my weekends at the Grande. Used my sisters ID to enter at 15, she was 17. Heard great music every weekend. What great memories! So glad to have been a teen in the 60’s. Anyone know of where Mick( made-out on the Grande rooftop) and Mark (worked behind the concession stand) or Dan the Digger are?

  23. Jimmy(Cadillac Crumb)Davis says:

    YES,Lets fix it up and bring back Live Music to that Grand Place.

  24. Russ Mester says:

    I would love to help see the Grande Ballroom saved. Are there any current efforts going on to do this? If so how can I help?

    Russ in Texas

  25. innerworld says:

    I spent a great deal of time at the Grande. My name then was Shannon Michael Miller, I had written a book that John Sinclair published at the Artist Workshop, Gary Grimshaw had drawn a picture of me for the cover, I remember telling people that it didn’t look like me because it looked like an indian, many years later I discovered my Native American heritage and in time the picture looked exactly like me. The Grande had a way of bringing people out of their shell , uncle Russ was definitely the Pied Piper, he would make eye contact with everyone to let them know that they were welcome, for a teenager that kind of thing is very important! I am probably not the only one that had some of the most amazing experiences in life at that ballroom. The very fist time I went there it was like entering Wonderland, after that first glimpse I was hooked, I was always surprised to hear of people taking drugs to go there, the Grande was a drug in itself! I remember once dancing in that color swirl of a light show and then some guy walked in wearing a white fur coat, he removed the coat and carefully moved onto the dance floor, he then started doing leaps across the floor, he moved like no-one I had ever seen move before, I asked a friend who this guy was. She said that he was a dancer who had just defected from Russia, his name was Nuryev. That’s the way it rolled at the Grande, just one thing after another.

  26. The good old Grande days! My first time was seeing the Fresh Cream tour! I practically lived there. Saw so many good bands. The Velvet Underground, Janis Joplin, Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart. Partying back stage with CCR. I wasn’t old enough to get in but I knew the people at the door. I remember bumming for money to get in and Dave Miller telling everyone it was time to leave! Also sitting in the bathtub and passing out the cards for upcoming shows. I used to have an incredible collection of those cards!

  27. beth says:

    As a young high schooler, i’m eternally grateful for the awesome music i was enlightened by, sitting in font of the stage!!

  28. bob adams says:

    would love to see more stuff thanks

  29. Cat Manturuk says:

    My Grandfather played piano in the late 20s at the Grande Ballroom. Have pictures on my website! Best, Cat Manturuk

  30. Shelley says:

    I was too young to go but I had friends who went every weekend. I use to enjoy hearing about all the concerts and who they saw there. My friend Tom gave me a postcard every time he went, so I owe my collection to him. I still have those cards and treasure them. I wouldn’t think of selling them. I don’t think you can put a price on history

  31. Tony in San Francisco says:

    The Grande is worth saving. I’d like to see some work being done on the structure.

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