Part I: Genesis

Leading up to the release of the book on October 3rd I thought I would share some tidbits and photos that did not make the final cut. “The Grande Ballroom – Detroit’s Rock n Roll Palace” at one point had enough material for two books. However, constraints of publishing and time forced its condensation into its current format of 41000 words and 116 images. Here is a bit about Part 1:Genesis:

the origin or mode of formation of something.

“The Grande Ballroom was inserted into a bustling neighborhood and entertainment district. Ir was a very hot real estate market at the peak of the booming 1920’s and the newspaper advertisements were evidence of that.”

Hot lots for sale! Note the string of Grande shops in the lower right corner at Beverly Court.

Developers Ad - Detroit News 1929

Developers Ad – Detroit News 1928

The same lots with proximity to Economical Drugs and  the W.T. Grant Department store in the Grande Building are referenced.

Developers Ad - 9-16-28 Detroit Free Press

Developers Ad – 9-16-28 Detroit Free Press


For more on the origins of the Grande Ballroom……

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