Russell James Gibb

“… as the Grande Ballroom collected dust, two personalities arrived who would create a bright future for the venue.”

One of the great pleasures I’ve had in writing this book has come from meeting and getting to know Grande impresario Russ Gibb. A hard working Scotsman, Russ was teaching school and moonlighting as a Disc Jockey by 1966. That year he would align himself with another entertainment entrepreneur, Gabe Glantz.  Russ’ first ever biography is included in their section, Section 4: The Planets Align. Here are a couple of never before seen shots from my research on Russ that did not make the book for quality reasons.


Russ Gibb – Fordson High Yearbook 1947

Purtan and GIbb

Dick Purtan (L) Russ Gibb (R)

For more.. get the book!


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