The Sweet Wine

The Sweet Wine


Jerry Long : Lead Gui­tar & Vocals

Kenny Long: Drums & Vocals

John Rus­sell: Rhythm Gui­tar & Vocals

Tom Ivankovic: Bass Gui­tar

Steve Sylan­syk:  Lead Vocals


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  1. Ken Long says:

    “The Sweet Wine” consisted of the following members: Jerry Long (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Kenny (myself) Long (Drums & Vocals), John Russell (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Tom Ivankovic (Bass Guitar), & Steve Sylansyk (Lead Vocals).

    We were pretty much a downriver cover band at the time. I was 15 years old (not even old enough to be there on a Saturday night) while the others were 18 years old (or close to it).

    We performed at the Grande Ballroom on Saturday February 1, 1969 (almost 44 years ago now). We opened for Spirit and Jethro Tull (2 of my favorite bands then and now). We were paid $75.00 for a 45 minute set. I don’t remember all of the songs we played but I know we did the following:

    1. For Your Love (The Yardbirds)
    2. Look Through Any Window (The Hollies)
    3. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones)
    4. Tuesday Afternoon (The Moody Blues)
    5. Sweet Wine (Cream)
    6. Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
    7. Magic Bus (The Who) which included a drum solo by yours truly!

    In the near future I will be updating this site with the following:

    Pictures of us at a gig 3 months prior to the Grande gig.
    Picture of us loading the U-Haul trailor my dad rented (since none of us were old enough). He took our equipment to the gig and picked us up when we were done.
    Scans of some old “The Sweet Wine” business cards; a copy of our contract which was typed up on a Grande card; a Grande card that Russ Gibb signed for me at a Beatle-Con convention in Troy Michigan in 1990; and anything else I can find. Enjoy!!

  2. Julia Russell says:

    John Russell is my dad! Love you dad!

  3. Laura Brown says:

    He’s my dad too! Love you dad!

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