2005 – Grande Tour with Tom Gaff 

“In 2005 Tom Gaff, a Grande regular and investor, made inquiries with the Realtor offering the Grande for sale. This tour was undertaken with the permission of that Realtor and her client the Seventh Day Adventist Church. In addition to Tom and our crew we were unexpectedly joined by Chris Jackson and friends who shot the video presented here.” – Leo Early



2006 – Ad for The Grande Ballroom 40th Anniversary Concert.

One of the initial objectives of the Friends of the Grande was to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Rock re-opening of the Ballroom. To that end, FOG members Tom Lubinski and Tom Gaff formed “Old Stoner Productions” and produced a marvelous reunion show.



2007 – Mark Milligan’s student documentary on the Grande.

“Wayne State student Mark Milligan contacted me regarding  his student film project and I was happy to provide him with contacts and made some introductions. This short piece was very nicely done and was driven by Mark’s sincere interest in the topic. Mark is an example of the multi-generational interest the Grande continues to generate.” – Leo




2008 – Grande Roof Inspection

“Having established a relationship with the Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church, the Friends of the Grande were asked to assist in an inspection tour in the Spring of 2008.  The Church at the time had very little knowledge of the building, its construction or its hazards.  FOG Members and a handful of deacons from the Church made the trip up to the roof to document cornice stones that had fallen off and damaged the adjacent building.” – Leo




2009 – “A Great Day at the Grande” – Reunion

“In pulling together photos for the web site and book, I realized that I had very few posed shots of folks outside the Grande. Least of all, none of the principals ever bothered to pose for such a shot. Inspired by the photo, “A Great Day in Harlem“,  of period Jazz musicians gathered on the NYC sidewalk, I put out the invitation for any and all to attend. On October 7,  forty three years after the Rock and Roll re-opening, we took some great images for use in the book.” –  Leo




2012 – Film Maker Tony D’annunzio’s “Louder than Love” Documentary



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  2. Jeff Onderko says:

    My buddy used to guard the fireescape by the guys john. got to see many many great bands at 15yrs old it was a great place to spend my youth . got a pic by lundgres onmy wall. thanks for keeping the memories alive.

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